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Is Walking the Dog Regularly Necessary?

Every dog ​​should have a safe space to play and rest. Although the fenced yard also allows dogs to love the space to practice and run, and many owners believe that the dog has trained enough in the yard. However, the owner should walk the dog about 1-2 times a day because running around the… Read More »

Puppy Afraid of Being Home Alone, What to Do?

Puppies are just like humans, they need their owners’ love for them. Especially with many puppies, they also have anxiety and fear when no owner is around, they will feel lonely, have strange expressions and gradually have a mental state similar to depression. A few other species are destructive, causing noise (like howling, barking) and… Read More »

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6 Note of Pneumonia Dog Care

Taking care of dogs with pneumonia is simple. But it’s not easy, if you don’t know how. Besides understanding the causes, symptoms and scientific care. You should also know the following notes to help your dog recover soon and be healthy. Note when taking care of dogs with pneumonia The following notes will give you… Read More »

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How to Choose Funny Dog Shirt Styles to Suit Your Body Shape?

The dressing is the first thing that we notice into an individual’s personality that we look into. It is perfect for you to get introduced to your sense of style. Every person has one or other dressing styles that can optimally suit them without much hassle. It is convenient for you to look into the… Read More »

Do Leopard Geckos Need Substrate?

Choosing a substrate can be one of the most confusing aspects of setting up a tank for leopard geckos. There are many discussions about the safest and best substrates for your age and gecko size. Paper towels, although less attractive in a terrarium than other options, are one of the most popular substrates on the… Read More »

Where do Cottontail Rabbits Live?

The cottontail rabbits are most common species that can be found all over the Eastern-to mid- Western USA from Canada to South America. The cottontail rabbits usually like to live on the edges of fields and meadows, where there are plenty of herbs and grasses and also brushwood covered with. The Eastern cottontail does not… Read More »

Check Your Ego At The Door

Dogs love unconditionally. They’ve seen you at the lowest points in your life and they’ve been there through the high points. They’ve seen you naked, they’ve heard you sing. They’ve been there throughout accidents, illness and health. When done right, it is a true partnership. People get dogs for a variety of reasons. Some feel… Read More »


The biggest thing that separates humans from animals is language. Not communication mind you, but language. Animals have a pretty complex system of communication and the more complex the pack, the more complex and nuanced the communication. I briefly run down communication here but I want to really expound on it here. Both you and your dog… Read More »

A Dogs View

A dog’s world is not our world. Despite popular belief, dogs are not furry, four legged children. They are a species completely separate from us. One of the biggest differences is language. As obvious as it sounds, dogs have no language, they have communication, but not language. As humans, we tend to take language for… Read More »

A Brief History

Dogs and humans have been sharing quarters for the past several thousand years or so. (The exact figure is under considerable debate.) Dogs actually predate civilization. Brought together by a mutual need for food and protection, early man discovered that hunting was made easier with wolves, and having an active alarm system during a time when… Read More »