Rules of the Game

Rules of the Game

Rule #1: Remember that dogs don’t speak English. They can learn English, (nouns and verbs, mainly) but they don’t know it until we teach them.

Rule #2: Don’t repeat your commands. This will only teach a dog to ignore you. Say it once, if he doesn’t listen, get him in position, and then say it again.

Rule# 3: Keep your voice calm and steady. Yelling tells a dog you’re not in charge.

Rule# 4: Punishment does not work. Punishment only breeds better criminals. We do not want to teach a dog how not to get caught.

Rule#5: Use common sense. If it is inhumane to do it to a kid then it’s inhumane to do it to a dog. I don’t care what you read in a book or saw on t.v., if it doesn’t sound right, then maybe it’s not. Question everything and let your conscience be your guide.

Rule# 6: Dogs don’t work for free and it’s absurd to ask them to. Show them that paycheck. (treats,toys, praise, etc.)

Rule#7: Have fun. If you’re not having fun then you’re doing it wrong. Come see me about that.