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Made In North America

This Website was Made In North America. There has been a lot of concern lately about food coming out of China, and with good reason. Many of the recalls in recent years have involved food imported from Asia, and especially China. Many Americans and Europeans are opting to eschew foreign goods in favour of domestic… Read More »

Common Behavioural Problems

One thing that people HAVE to realize in order to have a healthy relationship with their dog is that morality is a human concept. Dogs are not “good” or “bad,” neither are they capable of “revenge.” Dogs are only capable of understanding  “is this beneficial, is this harmful or is this neutral?” Dogs are like… Read More »

Dog Welfare; A Brief History

Editorial: Right now there is a disconnect between human welfare and animal welfare. Animal activists are often accused of loving animals more than they love humans. They are often asked (usually mockingly) “which would you save first a human infant or a baby animal?” People have long held an ‘it’s us or them’ approach in… Read More »

History of Dog Collars

Mankind has been using dog collars for hundreds of years. They’ve been used as fashion statements, protection for the dog, restraint, training tools and status symbols. Ancient Egyptian Images of dog collars can be found in Egyptian paintings dating as far back as 3,500 B.C. These collars were made of leather and contained the dogs’… Read More »

Types of collars

Harnesses and Collars “Evolution did not necessarily equip dogs to be made captive to collar and lead.” ~Per Jensen Types of collars Nylon or Leather Buckle Collars This is the most basic type of collar and will help your puppy get used to wearing something around his neck. The name tag and rabies information typically… Read More »


Aggression is a serious problem in dogs and one that is becoming increasingly common. The consequences from aggression are quite severe; for the victim and their family, the dog’s owners and the dog itself. The potential for serious emotional and financial cost is high. The victim may experience severe lacerations, disability or loss of life.… Read More »

Allegedly Aggressive Breeds

Which breed of dog is the most aggressive is a controversial topic for many people. For every person who claims a chihuahua is inherently dangerous, there will be one who claims to have known one “who was totally friendly.” One dog does not make a study. Claiming to have been bit by a dog or… Read More »


Dogs are living a lot longer these days, thanks to advances in veterinary care as well as advances in nutrition. Until the industrial revolution, only the dogs of the very wealthy were fed regular meals. And these dogs were fed better than the majority of humans on earth! The rest of the dogs were on… Read More »

Trivia, Heroes and More!

Trivia ->Scientists have recently discovered that dogs can smell autism in children. ->The dachshund is classified as a hound, but is really a true terrier. The confusion stems from a mistranslation of the word ‘hund’, German for ‘dog.’ Literally dachshund means badger dog. ->The name of the dog on the Cracker Jack box is “Bingo”… Read More »

Dogs and Religion

Dogs play such an important part in our lives, that it’s no surprise that they show up in various religious traditions as well. Ancient Religions Dogs show up quite a bit in ancient religious folklore. Dogs are often seen as protectors in religious traditions. Many ancient cultures would sacrifice the dogs of humans that have… Read More »