Dog Parks and Doggy Day Camps

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Dog Parks and Doggy Day Camps are excellent places for a dog to socialize, exercise, learn and explore. I strongly recommend looking for one in your area. 
Dog Parks
Dog Parks are enclosed, open air parks where people can bring their dogs and let them off leash. They are a great place for unstructured play and socialization. Your dog gets a chance to interact with you and other dogs. Dog Parks are free and usually a part of an existing park or recreation area.
Doggy Day Camps
Doggy Day Camps, or Doggy Day Care, is inside a building with employees who watch your dogs for you for a set fee. Many people will drop their dogs off there on the way to work and then pick them up at the end of the day. This gives the dog a chance to play, exercise and socialize when their owner is unable.
Have fun!
Note: Dog parks and day camps are great places for dogs to exercise their minds and bodies, but they are not completely safe or fool-proof. Make sure that your dog is current on vaccinations and flea control. Do not bring a female dog in heat. Do not bring an aggressive dog. Toys and treats can cause fights, so leave them at home. Because not everyone will be watching their dog at all times,  keep a vigilant eye on your dog. Watching your (and other) dogs’ body language will let you gauge their mood. This way you can intervene before a fight breaks out and not after.