Is Walking the Dog Regularly Necessary?

By | June 9, 2020

Is Walking the Dog Regularly Necessary?

Every dog ​​should have a safe space to play and rest. Although the fenced yard also allows dogs to love the space to practice and run, and many owners believe that the dog has trained enough in the yard. However, the owner should walk the dog about 1-2 times a day because running around the yard, or up and down the stairs is not really enough for pet dogs to exercise health.

If you have never taken your beloved dog for a walk, you will never enjoy the happiness of being with your dog. People often think that dogs need ample space for rest, but actually, what they need is your time, your presence, your care and care.

Staying in the familiar yard for a long time, dogs will start to get bored; And if you see your neighbor’s dog walking outside, the dog will bark loudly, whine, or somersault to attract your attention. Take your pet dog to the play area, small alley or an open space near the house that you have not had the opportunity to explore.

If you love novelty and exciting exploration, so do dogs. In addition, when walking together, you will discover, it seems that you and your dog understand each other better, just by eye contact or small movements. There, you are tightening the bond of affection and non-verbal communication with your dog through that walk.

Is Walking the Dog Regularly Necessary?

In addition, while walking, your dog will learn how to interact with other dogs in the area. This is great for puppies, as they can learn how dogs communicate when interacting with dogs older than them. If you and your dog can walk more than 1km a day, both will exercise health and endurance, burn excess calories, enjoy the fresh air and be curious about the neighbors.

Remember to watch the weather before you begin the journey to explore the world around your dog. A dog’s tolerance to heat depends on many factors such as body weight, thin coat and breed. Remember to consult with your veterinarian about your baby’s fitness needs, as well as their temperature tolerance limits.

Schedule a walk on warm, beautiful and cool days, so that you and your pet can both walk and admire the beautiful scenery and breathe the fresh air.