Puppy Afraid of Being Home Alone, What to Do?

By | June 9, 2020

Puppies are just like humans, they need their owners’ love for them. Especially with many puppies, they also have anxiety and fear when no owner is around, they will feel lonely, have strange expressions and gradually have a mental state similar to depression. A few other species are destructive, causing noise (like howling, barking) and disturbing houses when no one is home. So how can they be obedient at home alone without being entangled by health problems or disturbing people? Here are some tips for you.

Puppy Afraid of Being Home Alone, What to Do?

What could have happened?

All puppies should not be left alone for an extended period of time. One form of attention when they are left out for a long time is that they will disrupt furniture, bark loudly and can bite people up close. Or there are puppies with panic attacks, who are depressed, refuse to eat and do not want to be near their owner anymore.

Which dogs often feel insecure when alone?

The type of dog that is likely to fall into insecurity is a rescue dog, especially for those who leave home to go to a training camp or to a new working environment, they will become unscrupulous and difficult to treat. Or maybe puppies with a shy, sensitive and docile appearance, they tend to cling to their owners quickly but easily become autistic when no owner is around.

The anxiety of abandonment is more likely to happen to puppies who have moved house when they are under one year old and especially dogs that have to go through the owner too many times, these dogs are often very aggressive and difficult to teach.

How to reduce fear of being alone?

You can train your dog by following these steps:

Step 1: Leave the puppy in the room they usually stay in, close the door and go away

Step 2: After a while (less than five minutes), go back and skip the greeting with the dog.

Step 3: Repeat this several times, in the same manner and at the same time of day. Step by step, gradually increasing the amount of time your dog stays alone.

Step 4: If your dog is annoyed, starts barking, rakes open the door, or when you come back to see him chewing on anything, next time he is alone for a shorter time . In addition, the dog’s training process should be adjusted slowly to better suit the personality of each dog.

Step 5: Keep doing this until your dog can tolerate your absence for 30 minutes without any problems.

Step 6: Once you’re successful at step 5, try to leave your dog alone in the room at any time and go to work on your daily tasks like getting dressed or getting your keys.

You should also pay attention to a few issues in training:

– Before making a plan to leave the puppy alone in the room, let your puppy get some exercise, which can lead him to walk or play games. This will give your dog some time to feel calmer.

– When you’re out, don’t say goodbye to your dog – just go ahead. It will reduce the feeling that you are not at home.

– If you just left a short time, before, give your puppy a snack to make it feel more comfortable and sleepy.

– The room you leave your dog in should be carefully selected to minimize damage. It is best to stay away from places with lots of valuable wires or furniture to avoid them from sabotaging. That place should also calculate how to make if the dog barking is less disturbing to the neighbors. It is important to note that your pet should not be left in the garden but kept indoors as they will feel safer.

– Can be left alone with a few gnawing toys – a leather item with a little puppy favorite fastened between classes can attract attention and they will be distracted In the first few minutes you leave. The first time is when the dog is feeling the most stress, so this will help them overcome anxiety and gradually get used to being alone.

– Leave an old shirt before leaving to help your dog smell your smell, he will not feel you abandoned it. For the shirt to keep your smell, wear it before you go out; or no, put them in the laundry basket to prepare for washing, you will not have to bother to wear again.

– Some dogs seem to be relieved to hear the familiar sounds of a melody playing on the radio. Or you can record a 30-minute family conversation and play it for your dog when you leave (but if you’re traveling long or long, this won’t work).

– Whatever your reason, you should not be angry, yell at or punish your dog for doing so only makes the situation worse. If something goes wrong, reconsider your responsibilities and if necessary, ask someone to help and look after them (which the dog knows) to help you when you’re away.

Symptoms of anxiety dog ​​being abandoned

Puppy Afraid of Being Home Alone, What to Do?

– Dogs keep following you from room to room, do not want to take your eyes off you for even a moment.

– The dog shows that he has a special interest in only one family member and ignores the rest.

– All the physiological signs of fear can manifest as increased heart rate, breathing rate, gasping for breath, drooling, excessive hyperactivity and sometimes even urinating. The dog is always trying to follow you. They will scratch the door, scratch the carpet, nibble on the door frame, or jump up to look out through the window. In addition, your puppy may bark, whine or howl in an attempt to convince you to come back. These symptoms will appear in the first 15 minutes when you leave home.

– After this “crazy” period, your pet may feel calm. They begin to chew on something you’ve touched earlier, because they’re still lingering on your smell. Dogs can chew and tear these items into small pieces and then roll and roll between them. This seems to make your puppy feel like there’s a layer of your scent around him and protecting him.

– If you want to raise more cats and dogs just for fun, then consider again! Because adding a pet may not solve anything, it can make your puppy with you feel more sorry.

If you follow these tips and your dog is still not making progress, or is in a “down” mood, take the dog immediately to the vet for timely treatment and receive more advice!

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